About Us

EsMe’s inception started out of curiosity. After being involved in the community and talking to friends who were Professionals, one theme was constant, how do you ensure your safety if you’re conducting a session in an area you don’t know? 


This idea stuck and after researching and looking at different sites it was evident that there wasn’t one single platform where Clients and Providers, photographers and models could book and search for sessions they liked, review each other and allow for a safe means to do so. 


The aim of EsMe is to bring on demand services to the community. But the greater goal is more than that, I’d like EsMe to be the focal point of helping promote well being, with the intent to create working partnerships with health and fitness centers, mental health awareness charities and medical providers to ensure services you require to be the best you can be are accessible and available.


In the same respect, partnerships with both small and large businesses within the community with discounts to members to help ensure those who take the risk and rely on their customers can work with EsMe to promote this.